FOOD: Where Will You Eat Your Last Summer Meal in Boston?

As the summer months come to a close, I hope you seize every opportunity to get out of work early and enjoy the warm weather while it’s still here. If you’re from Boston, or you just moved here, winter can be a struggle, and you might not get out and explore the food and drink options all around your neighborhood.

I’ve taken this into consideration, and mulled over which restaurant in Boston I would go to for my last meal of the summer. I landed on Myers & Chang in the South End, as its family-style method of serving and small plate portions make coming with a group of people a great idea.

From the second you walk through the front doors of Myers & Chang, you know you’ve entered a place ideal for large groups – whether they’re friends or your clients, this spot has something for everyone. If you’re visiting Myers & Chang during the warmer months, the staff will gladly seat you outside, and the small space only complements an already casual and friendly atmosphere.