shellfish-free lunch

Green Papaya Salad  8 ***
mint, palm sugar, peanut
Thai Ginger Chicken Salad 11 **
lemongrass, rice vermicelli
Taiwanese-Style Dan Dan Noodles 9 ***
fresh peanut + chili sambal

Esti’s Hot + Sour 7 *
fresh shiitakes, pork, local tofu

dim sum-y things
Mama Chang’s Pork + Chive Dumplings 11
Pork Belly Buns 9
braised pork, steamed buns, hoisin, pickles
Tea-Smoked Pork Spare Ribs 14 *

vegetables 9
Ginger Scallion Bok Choy
Red Miso-Glazed Carrots 

mama chang’s favorites
Ginger + Garlic Fried Rice 14
garlic pepper paste, watercress, sweet peas
Beef + Broccoli Chow Fun 16 
broccoli rabe, fresh rice noodles, steak
Kimchee Quinoa Bokkeumbap  16
green beans, bulgoki beef, pistachios
Wild Boar Dan Dan Noodles 12 ***
chorizo, black garlic, chili oil
Wok-Charred Udon Noodles 16 *
chicken, baby bok choy

extra bits
Steamed Bao 1 
Dragon Sauce 1 *** 
White or Brown Rice 2

The following dishes are cooked on a shared grill or fried in oil 
and may come into contact with shellfish. 
They are not for those who are highly allergic
Tiger’s Tears 13 ***
grilled skirt steak, thai basil, lime, khao koor
Chinese Chicken Salad 14 *
cashews, orange, crispy wontons
(served chilled or warm)
Spicy Tuna Poke 17 ** #
avocado, ponzu, crispy wheat berries
Hakka Eggplant 9  **
Crispy Spring Rolls 7
swiss chard, glass noodles, peach duck sauce 
Crispy Fish Tacos 12 *
kimchee, sesame, cilantro 

banh mi sandwiches 9 **
Flour Bakery ciabatta with carrot-daikon slaw, 
cilantro, pickled jalapenos + sriracha aioli 
Grilled Eggplant + Tofu, Chili Tomato Jam
Vietnamese Dip (Pork Belly au jus)
Braised Shortrib + Asian Pear
Soy-Braised ‚ÄúNirvana‚ÄĚ Chicken

cold drinks
Watermelon-Yuzu 6
Pineapple-Ginger 6
Cucumber Lemonade 6
Thai Iced Tea 5
Moroccan Mint 3
Cold Brew Iced Coffee 5
Vietnamese Iced Coffee 6.5

Plate of Three Flour Cookies 6
   Cornmeal Lime Sandwich Cookie
   Ginger Brownie
   Coconut Meringue

Coconut Cream Pie  8
lime whipped cream
Lemon-Ginger Mousse Coupe  8
homemade fortune cookie
Chocolate Douha Mousse  8
roasted cocoa nibs 
Ashley's Birthday Cake
housemade rainbow sprinkles