Cheap Date Night

Beginning in July, Myers+Chang will be moving exclusively to Reserve for our online reservations. We're excited to offer more flexibility and a super-easy-to-use platform for booking a table. All  reservations made before the switch will be transferred over automatically, so no need to worry!


Cheap Date Night is every Monday + Tuesday from 5pm to 10pm. Each menu ($45 each) is designed to be a full dinner for two, but larger groups are also encouraged to order one or more date to share.

These sample menus may not reflect this week's selections, as they change frequently! 

green papaya salad *** 
mint, palm sugar, peanuts 
smoked chicken wings 
maple, miso, cashews 
spicy lamb biang biang noodles *** 
fresh tofu, chili vinaigrette, hot bean paste 
ming’s market greens 
fermented tofu, sliced garlic 
white or brown rice 

szechuan cucumbers ***
crispy spring rolls
swiss chard, glass noodles, rhubarb duck sauce
vegetable dumplings *
edamame, mustard greens, wasabi
udon noodles **
tofu, bok choy, black bean sauce
hakka eggplant **
white or brown rice

wok-charred octopus ** 
grilled corn, sriracha butter 
crispy fish tacos *
whipped cilantro, kimchee-sesame salsa 
surf + turf black pepper noodles ** 
beef, shrimp, bell peppers, peanuts 
ginger scallion bok choy 
white or brown rice
add 1 dessert for $7

* hot  ** hotter  *** hotterest

before placing your order, please inform your server if anyone in your group has a food allergy