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Thank you for joining us for a virtual cooking class! If a PDF of these instructions is helpful, click here or scroll to the link at the bottom of the page.


1 pound ground pork
1 tablespoon chopped (or microplaned) ginger
6-8 large napa cabbage leaves, sliced thin
½ bunch garlic chives, roughly chopped
2 teaspoons sesame oil
3 tablespoons soy sauce

Place cabbage in a large bowl with salt. Toss well and set aside for 10 minutes.

In a large bowl, combine the ground pork, garlic chives, soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil and use your hands to mix the ingredients thoroughly together. Set aside.

Take the cabbage in your hands and squeeze as hard as you can. You will be amazed by the amount of water that
comes out. Squeeze out as much water as you can and add the cabbage to the pork mixture. Mix well with your hands until the filling is well combined.


You will need:
Shanghai-style dumpling wrappers (we use Twin Marquis
brand), covered in damp towel once opened
small bowl of water
bowl of filling with spoon to scoop.

Lay a wrapper on a clean work surface and scoop about 1 Tbsp of the filling into the center of the wrapper. Dip
your finger in the water and paint all around the edge of the wrapper to moisten. Fold the wrapper over into a half

Pinch the top of the wrapper together, leaving the sides exposed and open. Start pleating the left side of the
dumpling: hold the dumpling on the top, fold the pleat on one side of the wrapper about halfway down the arc
towards the center of the dumpling and press it into the facing side of the wrapper. Repeat the pleating almost to
the bottom of the arc so that you have two pleats on the left side of the dumpling. Repeat the pleating process on
the right side of the dumplings, again pleating towards the center. When the dumpling is completely pleated,
you should be able to sit the dumpling on its bottom and it will look like a little love seat. The smooth side of the
dumpling will be the seat and the pleated side will be the back of the couch.

With the round edge pointed up, press the edges together. Seal the dumpling, working with your way down
the sides then, draw the bottom two corners together. Dab a bit of water on the edges of the corners and press tightly to seal.

Repeat your chosen fold with the remaining filling and wrappers. The dumplings can be made up to 1 week
in advance and stored, uncooked, in the freezer. Lay a single layer of dumplings on a sheet pan in the freezer
until the dumplings are completely frozen, then transfer them to a resealable freezer bag or an airtight container
to store. Thaw in the refrigerator on a flat plate before cooking.

You will need:
large skillet with a lid (nonstick or not)
vegetable oil

Heat the skillet over medium-high heat and add 2 Tbsp of vegetable oil. When the oil starts to shimmer, carefully
add as many dumplings as will comfortably fit in the skillet and turn the heat down to medium.
Cook without moving the pan until the dumpling bottoms are golden brown, about 3 minutes. (Check by
carefully lifting them up with your fingers and peeking underneath.)

Add about 2 Tbsps water to the bottom of the pan and cover immediately. The pan will sizzle and steam up–
don’t be startled! Shake the pan from time to time to keep the dumplings from sticking. Let dumplings steam for 2 minutes, at which point most of the water will be evaporated. Add another 2 Tbsp water to the pan, cover, and steam again. Repeat one last time with a final 2 Tbsp of water.

To test if pork dumplings are fully cooked, give them a nice pinch. The filling should be firm, not mushy.
Alternatively, slice open a dumpling and peek at the middle of the filling. Turn off heat, keep covered and let rest for at least 1 minute.

Uncover and turn the heat back to medium- high to crisp up the bottoms. Remove from the pan. Continue in the
same manner to cook remaining dumplings, adding 1 tablespoon of oil to the pan at the time as needed.


1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon black Chiangking vinegar
2 teaspoons sriracha chili sauce
2 tablespoons roughly chopped ginger
2 teaspoons sesame oil

In a small bowl or bottle, combine all ingredients except sesame oil. While whisking or swirling, slowly drizzle
in sesame oil until thoroughly combined. Mixture may settle in storage; be sure to shake or stir before serving.

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