Born into a family with a rich Filipino culinary heritage, Ashley always felt closest to herself in the world of food. Her grandmother owned a noodle company; her grandpa raised ducks and sold the infamous balut (edible bird embryo); and her aunt owned a meat stand at the local market. As a child, Ashley herself peeled egg roll wrappers, cut the mise, and completed traditional Filipino dishes.  Her mother always reminded her, “You eat with your eyes first. And when people eat the dish, they taste all the effort and time you put into it.” 

She went the normal path to college, but when her mom bought her her first KitchenAid mixer, a lightbulb turned on. She dropped out of school and headed off to New York City to enroll at the Institute of Culinary Education. She externed at Radius, Christopher Myers’s former restaurant, then cooked in San Diego. Things quickly shifted into a new gear when she returned to Boston to work at Myers + Chang under the guidance of strong female chefs Joanne Chang and Karen Akunowicz. Over those years as Sous Chef, Ashley truly came into her own. Towards the end of that time, she spent a sabbatical in Hong Kong and Thailand. She then sought out a management role to enrich her restaurant knowledge, working at Flour Bakery + Cafe, Fort Point, alongside Chef Frank Francione. 

Ashley returns to M+C with a cosmopolitan and rigorous understanding of the Asian palate, broad knowledge of the restaurant industry, and a passion to share her love of food with her customers. Come visit her at Myers + Chang to discover tradition and innovation alike.